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Baradroid: General Updates (New Game Content + NSFW)

Hello everyone!  Writing Since the last devlog, we’ve been improving and adding a lot to the game. We’ve made some changes and improvements to the writing of the game’s routes, rewritten many parts, and we’re currently finalizing Ayden’s route. Despite it being an unforeseen event, we’re pleased to get a better result each time. Art and New Game Content Furthermore, we’re […]

Pact of the Ancients: General Updates

Hey everyone! Have you had a chance to try out the available demo of Pact of the Ancients? Don’t forget to give us your feedback. Since the latest demo we’ve focused on polishing the animations and skills, aiming to achieve visual effects that are both attractive and functional while maintaining a smooth experience. Additionally, we’ve introduced new skills, which are certain to […]

Pact of the Ancients: Exploring the gameplay

Hello everyone! Today we’ve come to talk a bit more about Pact of the Ancients’ gameplay mechanics, which you’ll get a closer look during the livestream we’ll be hosting on Steam on August 1st. Especially for those who haven’t had any contact with the game yet, we invite you to play the demo available on game’s page! We can start by saying that each […]

Baradroid will have voice over!

Hello everyone! After carefully considering your feedback we decided to postpone the release of the Baradroid build originally planned for May. We will now be focusing on developing a smaller game that includes voice over, something that many of you have requested! We understand that many of you have been eagerly anticipating the Baradroid build release, but we hope that you’ll understand […]

Burning Secrets: Game Walkthrough (SPOILERS)

Burning Secrets is Hexproof Yag’s first visual novel (the writer of Burning Horns), so in order for you all to be able to play the entire content and give us honest feedback about it, here are the answers to get all endings. To unlock them, you need to select the choices below: ->First Bad Ending1) Relaxing. Get us a bottle of wine to […]

Burning Secrets: A Bara Visual Novel is now available

We’re so thrilled to tell you all Burning Secrets: A Bara Visual Novel is now available at 10% OFF during its launching week! We hope you all enjoy it and send us feedback about it. Don’t forget to follow our Itch.io page to get the latest news and join Discord to know about our upcoming projects. Male Doll Team

Official Burning Secrets release on May 8th!

SURPRISE! That’s right, guys, the Burning Secrets release on Steam has been moved up to May 8th! Are you ready for another lewd adventure with Luxus, Zafir and Fin? Check out the new trailer: To stay updated on the latest news and ensure that you don’t miss the release, be sure to add it to your Steam wishlist and follow us on Itch.io. […]

Burning Secrets: A new build is coming!

Hello everyone! We’re gearing up to release a new Burning Secrets build in July! Our team has been working hard to fine-tune the game and make sure you have a great experience. We can’t wait for you to check out the whole game. Meanwhile, let’s get to know a bit more about the game’s characters! Fin Leader of the Burning Horns […]

Baradroid: Sneak peek! (NSFW)

Hello everyone! How are you doing? As mentioned in the last devlog, we are working hard to release the first Baradroid build soon. The script is already finished and we are currently focusing on the soundtrack and adult scenes! In fact, some of these scenes are already finished 👀 Here’s a taste of what’s to come: If possible, please wishlist Baradroid […]