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Male Doll Studio aims to spotlight, within the game industry, stories created and/or starred by LGBTQ+ people. Due to this, we acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of challenges during the development of the games as well as a wide range of living which are based on gender matters, social class, sexual orientations, race, ethnicity, disabilities, geographic location, among others.

Aiming to increase the cast diversity of our games and also the characters’ plurality, we developed a partnership program that allows people to work directly with us without the need of having a development team. Basically, the prospect partner would send us a proposal (links below), we’d analyze it, and considering the development and the market feasibility, we would start a partnership. During our group work, the Male Doll team offer some guidance to their partners, especially scripts for digital games, interesting fetishes to be explored, etc. When the script is ready, we start the development, and the prospect partner starts following our work at the same time we collect feedback from our community in order to improve the product. After this process is done, we scheduled the launch day and the payments are monthly sent according to the contract definitions.

Our work model is based on revenue share and our agreement includes a variety of services that are accomplished throughout the period of validity (aside from the game development) such as revenue optimization and DLCs production. The validity of our agreement is 5 years and the payment is made by invoice.

At first, we are looking for screenwriters who are interested in or work with (professionally or at an amateur level) specific themes which approach the NSFW market. In this partnership, all the games are made with RPG Maker MV. We use our own assets which are based on a fantastic world with mages, warriors, orcs, demons, etc. This allows us to launch our games in the console market.

Talking about the game genres, we prefer JRPG which usually uses the battle system, exploration elements, class and crafting system, among others. It’s possible for us to approach other genres, as long as the cited system makes this work easier. For example, Agent Lovesdick is a stealth game made on RPG Maker – to access the page you need to be logged in to Steam and your settings for adult content should be on. We appreciate scripts that present visual novels elements, especially the route structure.

Types of Partnership

According to the experience of screenwriter and their familiarity with game mechanics/game production, we offer two types of partnership.

Basic Type

It aims at screenwriters who are beginners or have little experience in the game industry. The final product is a game published only for PCs. The product developed here presents up to 4 characters with conceptual art and up to 10 H-scenes. The deadline for the script production is 4 months starting when the contract is signed.

Advanced Type

It aims at screenwriters who have intermediate or advanced experience in the game industry and/or with the genre we work with (RPG/Visual Novel). The final product is a game published for PCs and there is the possibility of publishing it on consoles such as Nintendo Switch. The product developed here presents up to 4 characters with conceptual art and up to 20 H-scenes. The deadline for the script production is 6 months starting when the contract is signed.

On both partnerships, we develop the game, manage the process of production and launching, publish on digital stores like Steam and Nutaku and negotiate the distribution for consoles with other publishers (depending on the type of partnership). Adding to that, our partners are guided, according to our living and market experience, towards relevant aspects and problematics in the proposal sent and also the best way of transmitting the aimed idea.

Types of Characters and Narratives

We prefer characters and narratives presented as below. The topics are numbered according to the chances of better financial results and it’s based on our previous launches.

  1. Bara characters and narrative (genre starred by men with lumberjack stereotype and/or with lots of muscles inserted in narratives which are mostly focused on pornography):

Characters that have hypermasculinity characteristics have more chances to grasp our audience’s attention. However, we use this kind of stereotype so that, inside the narrative, we can create a series of questions about this culture which hides other bodies and generate a sequence of problems and stigmas for our own community. Currently, those are the most profitable products.

  1. Furry characters and narratives focused on gender and sexualities diversity (anthropomorphized characters inserted in narratives that focus on erotic and/or pornographic moments): 

The furry community has been more and more interested in our productions and they seem to be more open-hearted about accepting gender and sexualities diversity. Narratives starred by lesbians and transgender people, for example, tend to be more acknowledged by this group. The kawaii culture and its representativity fit here. If compared to Bara narratives and characters it isn’t as profitable on the PC market but they are welcome on consoles.

Partnership Payment

Production costs of a game may vary widely when we consider the use of different software, aesthetics, mechanics, etc. Even though RPG Maker allows us to produce a game with a low budget, our expenses also include other services such as production and launching management, artists and developers hiring, negotiation with distribution platforms and international publishers, tests within our community, bug correction, among others.

We also consider the fact that developers should be paid once the game is launched even if we haven’t recovered our initial investment. In this sense, the payment of consolidated partnerships will be done according to the points below. The percentages vary according to aspects previously mentioned, especially taking into account the game experience production of the prospect partner as well as the proposal originality.

  • Before the game launch: partners will not receive any money*;
  • Launch Month: 40% of the net revenue*;
  • From the 2nd month to the 12th: 10% of the net revenue*;
  • After the 13th month: 15% of the net revenue*;

In cases of console publishing, 20% of the gross revenue from the launch month will be added for each console. This tax is exclusive for console launchings because during the contract new negotiations can be done once we are looking for revenue optimization. In this sense, this tax aims at the game launching for new consoles and also the necessary adaptations for its distribution.

*The rates mentioned are an example of amounts to be paid for a person who has intermediate or advanced experience.


People with or without previous experience in the game industry may submit material for analysis as long as they fill up the form below and send a short script for evaluation. This material should focus mainly on dialogues and 5 pages are more than enough for a review.

Due to our team size, it’s not possible to establish more than 3 partnerships throughout the year. The accepted projects will not necessarily be developed following the submission order. We’ll reply according to our demand and we ask you kindly to be patient. Any proposal sent by email will not be accepted.

Basic Guidelines for Partnerships

  • Proposals will only be evaluated if they are according to the submission rules;
  • All the proposals must present how adult content will be approached in the game;
  • All screenwritters must be at least 18 years old;
  • We don’t accept games that might be offensive to gender subjects as well as class, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabilities, geographic location, among others;
  • We don’t work with games that approach rape, pedophilia and abusive relashionships as a way of free entertainment and without any pedagogic end as well as shotan, lolicon, among others;
  • All characters must be 18+;

If you have any further questions, you can send an email to maledollstudio@gmail.com.