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Ikkarus and the the Prince of Sin by Male Doll

Ikkarus and the the Prince of Sin by Male Doll

We’re so pleased to announce that we’ll publish Ikkarus and the Prince of Sin. Check it out and wishlist the game!

For the Japanese, Russian and Spanish audience, we would like to say we’ll be working hard to launch the game having these languages but we need to have enough wishlists to pay for the localization service. So, please, wishlist it!

Also, we hope you enjoy our upcoming releases.

Burning Horns is a Bara Isekai JRPG that takes place in a realm in which free love has always been the rule until a demon popped up trying to destroy everything. Go on a hunt, Choose your partners, Make choices, Bring back the colors to a fantastical realm, and Return to your home!

Wishlist it by clicking here.

A cute Furry yuri visual novel about a rabbit who can fall in love with fantastic beings.

Wishlist it by clicking here.

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